One of the most fascinating places in all of Baldur’s Gate 3 is the Adamantine Forge. It is an old forge that is used to make armour and weapons that are incredibly strong and special. But finding and using the forge is challenging since you have to do a number of precise steps before you can even turn it on. Before you may use your new equipment, you must battle a terrible foe. I’ll explain how to get to the Adamantine Forge in BG3 and how to use it in this guide.

Adamantine Forge location in Baldur’s Gate 3

In the Underdark near Grymforge, there’s an Adamantine Forge. Head north from the Grymforge teleport waypoint, pass some Deep Rothé and Duergar standing in front of a cave-in. Interacting with the Duergar reveals they know of a hidden Adamantine Forge behind shifted rocks. You have three options:

  • Use magic or explosives to remove the rocks yourself.
  • Command the Rothé to remove the rocks.
  • If you have animal communication skills, turn the tables on the Duergar.

Ascend stairs, descend the first iron ladder to your left, watch out for traps. Leap to a raised platform, grab the longsword mold. Reach the end to find a second platform and levers. Pull the right lever or use Mage Hand to raise it, then step on and move with the left lever. Descend to the bottom, find a staircase leading to the Adamantine Forge.

How to Get Mithril Ore in baldurs gate 3

You can find Mithral Ores in Grymforge in two combat-related areas. One is southwest of the Ancient Forge waypoint, where you’ll need to defeat Animated Armour to access it. After clearing the area, head to the lava banks, jump across to the Mithral Vein, and use Force damage to break it for Mithral Ore.

Another Mithral Ore location is southeast of the Ancient Forge waypoint, near bookshelves. Although initially clear, be prepared to fight. Descend the stairs, jump across gaps and lava to reach the Adamantine Forge. Clear the area, then use Force damage to harvest Mithral Ore from the Mithral Vein.

where to find weapon or Armour moulds in baldurs gate 3

You can find a Scimitar Mould at the levers near the rubble incline en route to the Ancient Forge. Loot the Skeleton corpse to obtain it.

Jump across the wide gap from the levers to discover the Splint Mould on the ground.

On the path to the Adamantine Forge, find a Mace Mould on a table southwest of the Ancient Forge waypoint.

You can collect the mentioned Moulds without encountering enemies. However, if you want a Scale Mail Mould, you’ll need to start a battle.

How to activate the Adamantine Forge in BG3.

  • Insert a Weapon or Armor Mould into the Mould Chamber.
  • Insert Mithril Ore into the Crucible.
  • Release the Lava Valve.
  • Pull the Forge Lever.

Pull the Forge Lever to drop the giant hammer on the Crucible after defeating Grym, the golem guardian. Finished items will come from the Mould Chamber, allowing you to repeat the process. This would activate the Adamantine Forge.

how to use the Adamantine Forge

To use the Adamantine Forge for crafting weapons and Armours, you need to :

  • Open the Mould Chamber, select a Mould from your inventory, and proceed.
  • To prepare for forging, use the Crucible to insert a Mithral Ore from your inventory. With both items in place, the forging process is ready.
  • Go south on the platform, activate the Forge Lever to lower the hammer and platform.
  • Head northeast across the platform, then activate the Lava Valve at the green light.
  • To collect your forged item, select the Forge Lever. This is the process for crafting with the Adamantine Forge.

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