The Adamantine Forge is a pivotal location in Baldur’s Gate 3, where adventurers can craft formidable Adamantine equipment. This comprehensive walkthrough will guide you through the intricacies of the Adamantine Forge, helping you harness its full potential in the game Baldur’s Gate 3.

Locating the Adamantine Forge

The Adamantine Forge can be found in the vicinity of Grymforge in the Underdark. To embark on this journey, retrace your steps to the spot on the map which I have marked where you previously confronted Nere.

Once you’ve located the Southeast direction, you’ll encounter a precipice. Harness the power of Misty Step to traverse the hazardous lava and reach the cliff’s edge.

Here, you’ll discover the Splint Mould resting near some gears. Additionally, activate the waypoint, allowing your companions to join you in this endeavour.

From the teleport waypoint, venture northward and descend the dilapidated stairs, leading you to the entrance of the Adamantine Forge. Midway down these stairs, a diverging path emerges to the left, revealing a substantial Mithril Ore. Collect this ore as it’s crucial for your exploits within the Adamantine Forge.

Activating the Adamantine Forge

To set the Adamantine Forge in motion, insert the Splint Mould into the mould chamber, and carefully place the Mithril Ore into the crucible. Finally, pull the Forge Lever, setting in motion a challenging boss encounter.

Conquering the Forge Protector Grym

Facing Grym, it’s essential to reposition your party to the platform opposite the Lava Valve and ungroup them. Ensure that all your companions are equipped with the Misty Step spell.

One of your party members should make their way to the lava valve to activate the lava flow. Maintaining the lava flow is crucial for supercharging Grym, making it vulnerable to bludgeoning damage.

Grym is only susceptible to bludgeoning damage while supercharged from the lava. Your primary objective is to draw Grym to the central platform within the forge. It’s not necessary for Grym to be directly beneath the piston, as its area of influence is substantial.

Grym will focus on the last character that engages with it. Therefore, initiate the attack with a character positioned on the opposite side of the central platform.

Once Grym is in proximity to the central platform, use the Misty Step to access the lever and activate the Forge Lever. This action will trigger the forge’s piston, inflicting substantial damage on Grym.

Repeat this process multiple times to swiftly defeat Grym and secure your well-earned Adamantine weapon.

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