This article for the Gasas Shrine in Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom contains information on how to get there, how to get inside, how to solve puzzles, and where to discover treasure boxes.

Location of the Gasas Shrine

Gasas Shrine is located in the open area far southwest of Tabantha Frontier, at the southernmost tip of the giant Tanagar Canyon. It’s coordinate is -3079, 1617, 0243.

The Gasas Shrine Walkthrough

Enter the first room to find a giant cube suspended on a rope. Use an arrow to cut the rope and drop the block. Use the block to hop over the gap to reach the other side.

In the following area, utilize the Ultrahand to merge the cube halfway up the next one, right after lifting the cube you previously crossed. This action creates a “step” block that you can place next to the steps and use as support to climb up.

Where is the treasure chest?

In the next area join two panel  to make a bridge and use it to cross the gap.

Look to your right to find a treasure chest hanging above a gap. Put the slab panel over the gap and then shoot down the treasure chest that’s hanging above your newly placed bridge. This treasure chest has a large Zonai charge inside it.

You will find another chest is hanging along the wall on the left side. This chest contain has the Small Key that is required to leave the shrine. This chest requires a bridge, but to prevent it from falling into the gap, you must weigh your bridge down on one end with the giant cube.

Use Ultrahand to join the cube in the end of the stone slab bridge and place it under the chest. Shoot the rope, get the Small Key, and use it on the green door to get to the next room.

In the next room, a giant sphere is suspended from a long rope in the last room.  You need to shoot it down and move it to the left side of the room, into the hole in the floor.

The key is to prevent the ball from falling into the pit below. To achieve this, employed Recall before shooting the ball down, ensuring it continues to swing even after the string breaks. Then stopped Recall when the ball was positioned over the ledge, making it convenient to retrieve.

Carry the ball to the slot in the floor to activate the gate, which grants access to the next room. Proceed inside to successfully finish the shrine and obtain the Light of Blessing.

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