This article will help the reader on how to complete the Beidou and Eula’s Order in Genshin Impact 4.5 Event. Eula and Beidou are the first special guests to arrive in search of a potion at the event in the Genshin Impact 4.5

How to Brew Potion for Beidou and Eula’s Order in Genshin Impact

Once Eula and Beidou arrive in the event, just go an speak with them. They will mention that they are looking for potion for their friend that can provide assistance in getting better sleep. This mean she is looking for a potion with Relaxing properties.


Choose: Special Dandelion

Special Dandelion has the relaxing property and will help in curing sleep issues for Beidou’s friend.

  • Special Dandelion x 3
  • Special Glaze Lily x 1
  • Special Berries x 1
  • Rose x 1
  • Mushroom x 1

Traveler can place three Special Dandelions as shown in the image below. Special Glaze Lily can be added as additional ingredients. Special Glaze Lily has as a perception property, Rose for warmth, Special Berries to increase focus, and mushroom.

After making the right calming potion for providing better sleep, head over to Beidou and Eula hand over the freshly brewed potion to then and claim your reward.

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