This article will guide the reader step-by-step on how to complete the “Alchemy Exam” in the game of the Genshin Impact 4.5. In Genshin Impact 4.5, Sucrose’s story will feature the Alchemy Exam, and she will participate in the Alchemical Ascension event during Cycles 11 to 13.

Beginner Exam (Cycles 11 – 13)

The Alchemy Exam has a primary objective that is compulsory to pass to clear the exam successfully and few side objectives to earn additional rewards.

Concoct a potion of Intermediate or higher grade whose efficacies include Constitution.

  • The potion grade reaches Intermediate and the potion level reaches +5
  • Potion displays at least 1 characteristics
  • Use no more than 3 different types of ingredients
  • Special Sweet flower x 2
  • Special Berrier x 3
  • Special Calla Lilly x 2

Intermediate Exam (Cycles 14 – 16)

Concoct a potion with efficacies Strength and Dexterity both reaching grade Intermediate or higher

  • The potion grade reaches Intermediate and the potion level reaches +8
  • Potion displays at least 2 characteristics
  • No more than 10 ingredients used
  • Special Horse Tail x 5
  • Special Flamming Flowers x 3
  • Special Mushroom x 2

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