Get ready to embark on a quest filled with danger and intrigue as you rescue Benryn and uncover the hidden dowry in Waukeen’s Rest. This guide will walk you through the quest “Rescue the Trapped Man” in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Quest Location

You can find this quest by heading to the Waujeen’s Rest as marked on the map below.

You’ve got two entrances to choose from, either the one up north or the one out west. Inside the blazing chaos, you’ll catch the desperate cries of a trapped dude who is on the second floor, which will automatically trigger this quest in your journal.

Rescue Strategy

With the building ablaze and the fire spreading like wildfire, it’s a smart move to take the most direct route to reach the trapped man – Benryn. If you want to play it smooth, activate turn-based mode as it lets you handle the situation with some precision instead of frantically battling the fast-spreading flames.

Guiding Benryn

It’s time to free Benryn from his dangerous situation engulfed in flames. Begin by ascending the ladder located on the western side of the courtyard. Next, execute a daring jump onto the pathway linking the northern and western structures. Be cautious of the unstable door ahead. It’s recommended to strike it from a distance using ranged attacks because trying to approach it with melee attacks might result in being pushed back by a fiery explosion.

You have the option to employ the “Create Water” spell in order to extinguish the flames to clear the flames.

Clues to the Dowry

Engage in a conversation with Benryn to uncover the specifics of a dowry that became a point of contention during their recent argument. He will request assistance in locating his wife, Miri. In your quest to locate Miri, proceed to the second floor of a nearby building where, unfortunately, you discover her lifeless body inside the residence.

Now would be an good time to utilize Speak with Dead ability to question Miri’s body, especially if you happen to possess The Amulet of Lost Voices, which you obtained from the Ancient Ruins. This not only streamlines your efforts but also unveils a concealed dowry location. Return to Benryn and deliver the bad news.

Finding the Hidden Dowry

The hidden stash can be found in a barn situated very close to the tavern, just to the northwest of your current location. Head outside, proceed to the western barn, and meticulously examine the stack of hay in one corner to uncover the dowry, which happens to be a ring.

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