It takes a bit more effort than usual to unlock the Gilded Chest from Baldur’s Gate 3 in the Owlbear Nest. This Gilded Chest is locked with powerful magic. This article will instruct you on how to open the Gilded Chest in the Baldurs Gate 3 game’s Owlbear Nest.

You need a Selunite Prayer Sheet to unlock the Gilded Chest in Owlbear Nest. The player must first jump across a gap to reach the platform where the statue is located. Then go behind the statue.

Note: Players who include Shadowheart in their party might face some issue to unlock the chest.

At this location, your one of the character need to pass [Perception] check to find the Selunite Prayer Sheet. If you fail the Perception check then you need to reload the game. Pick up the sheet from the ground and jump back over to where the chest is.

 Gilded Chest holds an assortment of items of varying quality and one of those items is the Idol of Selune.

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