This is a walkthrough of the Josiu shrine in zelda: tears of the kingdom. Josiu shrine is located East of the Great Sky Island in the North Necluda Sky Archipelago in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The “North Necluda Sky Crystal” shrine quest requires you to locate a crystal and move it across a few different sky islands in order to expose the shrine.

Location of the Josiu shrine

At these coordinates (1759, 1208, 0924), Josiu Shrine is situated on a sky island above Kakariko Village. As a Rauru’s Blessing shrine, the puzzle is outside the shrine for which you need to complete in order to unlock the shrine itself, you must move a green crystal.

ow to activate the josiu shrine by solving the puzzle.

To activate the Josiu shrine, the player would be required to solve the puzzle by finding the green crystal, which would activate the shrine. So, once you arrive at the Josiu Shrine, you should interact with the front of the shrine to turn it on, which will direct a green laser at the glowing green rock that we need to find.

Follow the green laser and leap off to the next part of the sky Island using a paraglider. The green laser would help you to find the large green rock.

Pick up the large, green rock, and take it back to the edge of the curved route you are on, back from where you started.

Now paragliding back to the first sky Island with the josiu shrine just where you came from. You will need to take the green large stone back to the shrine by following the green laser emitted by the shrine entrance ( Refer to the images down below).

You would be able to see a tiny curved rock moving the larger curved rock, which would act as a road to bring the green stone closer ( Refer to the image down below).

Keep in mind to follow the green laser, then lift the stone to the entrance of the josiu temple using your Ultrahand ability.

The door would be open and clearly visible.

Follow the path that emerges from the rock. You’ll receive a strong Zonai charge as well as “The Light of blessing.

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