This page will help you locate all “Cube Fragments” at “Lake Shore Cave” in the game One Piece Odyssey, which will be released on January 13, 2023. These cubes may be used to enhance and level up specific skills for each character. Each character will have his or her own set of cubes.

#1 Luffy’s Cube Fragment x3

It is available just after the cutscene where you get your powers back and learn about cube fragments. Blast the breakable wall to find the fragments behind it.

#2 Nami’s Cube Fragment

It’s on top of a stone pillar, next to a chest. Grip over to the platform with the lone adversary on it after the previous position. Turn around and grapple to the tallest platform in order to find the cube component.

#3 Zoro’s Cube Fragment

Look to the left from the top of the previous location. The Fragment is on the platform near the chest.

#4 Luffy’s Cube Fragment

Found on the other side of the breakable wall after cutting through a gate as Zoro (story related).

#5 Usopp’s Cube Fragment

You can find this cube fragment in plain sight on a platform as you return to the cave entrance.

#6 Robin’s Cube Fragment

From the previous location look up to your left to find the cube

#7 Robin’s Cube Fragment

Drop down from the previous location and head to the left. Climb up two ledges, and use the grappling point above you twice to reach the upper platform. Follow the path around to find the cube on your right.

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