In the Genshin Impact 4.2 Thelxie’s Fantastic Adventures Event, there’s an awesome mini-game called Motherboard Troubleshooting. Here, players get to link circuits from one point to another for the Motherboard circuit event named “Ingenious Assemblage Ideas” Check out our handy guide to master the Motherboard Troubleshooting event in Genshin Impact!

Functions of Components

In this activity, your primary goal is to link the signal source to its designated endpoint. Picture a grid measuring 7 squares by 7 squares. Within this grid, you’ll find a signal source, a signal endpoint, and motherboard switches that activate pathways. Your challenge is to construct a circuit ensuring that multiple signal sources reach their respective endpoints.

Component Functions: Trigger the switches matching the colors to dictate the path connections in the circuit. Each test may present up to two pathways with distinct colors.

Branching Paths: During debugging, you’ll encounter two sets of different colors corresponding to signal sources and endpoints. Successful circuit debugging occurs when all signal sources are connected to endpoints of the corresponding color.

Unsolved Motherboard


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