Wacky Wizards has released another update and this time the new addition is Hermitude Mirror Mountain Shirt. This guide will show you how to get the “Hermitude” ingredient in Wacky Wizards.

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How to claim the Hermitude Ingredient

When you enter Wacky Wizards, head to the center of the map and look for the portal, and sign “Hermitude Listening Party” shown below.

Hermitude Ingredient

Enter the portal to be teleported to the disco area, which is located directly above all of the clouds, overlooking others’ cauldrons.

Now, proceed to the disco’s bar and look for the oversized CD on the counter. The disc is next to the cauldron where the Acid Barrel ingredient is located.

Simply teleport back to your cauldron, toss the CD ingredient inside, and press the Spawn button to begin brewing. The Hermitude potion should appear after a few seconds. Consume this potion to obtain the Hermitude UGC item and badge. 

How to claim the Hermitude Ingredient

How do you convert oz to wacky wizards?

To brew an Oz potion, add Foryxe’s and Jandel’s Head to the Cauldron. Foryxe’s Head is in the Cave Club behind the Waterfall, and Jandel’s head is in the Desert, next to a cactus. Drink the potion that turns you into Oz and go into the room.

How do you make a DNA potion in wacky wizards?

To get a DNA potion, Roblox players will first need to brew the Shrink Ray potion. This is crafted by combining a fairy plus a chameleon in the pot. Upon completion, it will automatically be added to the inventory. With the Shrink Ray potion in hand, jump on top of the pot and consume it.

What potion does Glinda want?

The first potion that Glinda wants you to create is the Hot Potion. All you will need to do is throw a pepper into your cauldron and grab the potion. Run back to Glinda and give it to her!

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