This article will help you on how to pass the Senior Cart Operator test and finish the Night in the Big Mine quest in the Honkai Star Rail video game. Luckily, The quest has no fight; instead, it focuses on testing you with a variety of train puzzles that need you to move various carts to specific locations over a restricted number of rails.

Starting location

Travel to Boulder Town in the Underworld and spawn in the Goethe Grand Hotel anchor. You’ll be able to locate a mistress by the name of Antonia(NPC) right in front of the hotel at the spot marked by a blue sign on the map below. Talk to her.

Look for the Senior Mine Car Operator in the Great Mine

Speak with the Senior Mine Car Operator by travelling to the northeastern Space Anchor point. After meeting him , the first puzzle set will start. This is a three-part task; keep in mind that each section will be accessible after the daily reset, which occurs at 4 AM in your local time zone.

All the puzzles must follow the following basic rules

Loaded carts should be directed toward yellow blockers.

Empty carts should be loaded toward blue blockers.

Each line has a console that can re-direct the cart’s path.

Few puzzles can let you load and empty carts with ores.

Puzzle #1

This puzzle is quite simple because ut includes only one cart and one destination

  • Simply interact with A and B switch near the Space Anchor to change the track near so it leads to the blue stop ( marked in the below image)
  • Push the cart as shown in below image

Puzzle #2

In this puzzle you have 2 carts , one side of your cart will be empty and the other will be loaded.Clear a way for both of these carts since the loaded one requires to get to the yellow blocker and the empty one needs to go towards the blue blocker.

  • Push the empty cart
  • Trigger A switch.
  • Push the loaded cart
  • Trigger B switch
  • Push the loaded cart
  • Trigger A switch.
  • Push the empty cart
  • Trigger both switches A and B
  • Push the empty cart

Puzzle #3

You have two destinations, but this puzzle only has one cart. The empty cart must first be loaded before being moved to the yellow terminal.

  • Move the empty cart
  • Interact with Switch A and then push the cart
  • first fill the cart with ore then move it
  • Interact with Switch A and then push it
  • And interact with Switch B then move the cart

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