This guide shows how to find Pokemon Frigibax in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

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Paldea Pokedex: #388 Frigibax

Type: Dragon/Ice

Ability: Thermal Exchange/Ice Body

Height: 1’08”

Evolution: Frigibax > Acrtibax (Level 35) > Baxcalibur (Level 54)

Biome: Cave (2% Chance), Snow (1% Chance)

Characteristics: Pokemon Frigibax absorbs heat through its dorsal fin and converts the heat into ice energy. The higher the temperature, the more energy Frigibax stores.

The Pokedex really has quite a variety of locations for Frigibax, despite the fact that it is rarely seen by visitors and hides deep in caves that are situated in regions blanketed in heavy snow. To locate the most recent dragon, travel to the Glaseado Mountain region and explore its northern slopes.

Note: You can use Meal Powers (buy from bakery) to improve encounter power in snow area.

Frigibax in Pokemon
Pokemon Frigibax

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