This guide is here to help you embark on a mission to rescue Druid Halsin from the clutches of the Goblin Camp in the thrilling world of Baldur’s Gate 3. Halsin, the first Druid of the Druid Grove, holds a unique power to extract the parasitic menace from your mind, preventing a dire transformation. He set off on an expedition led by Aradin to the Goblin Camp but vanished without a trace.

The Northern Trek

Begin your quest by heading to the northern fringes of the Goblin Camp. Here, you’ll encounter a formidable Heavy Oak Door. Prepare for a showdown with the imposing Guard Gurgon before you can breach this entrance, opening the path to the Shattered Sanctum.

Exploring the Shattered Sanctum

Once inside the Shattered Sanctum, navigate to the northeast corner. Ascend a set of stairs and follow a wooden path that leads you to another doorway.

A Meeting in the Worg Pens

Beyond this door lies the worg pens, where you’ll encounter a scene where goblins are taunting a bear. Unbeknownst to these goblins, this bear is none other than Halsin, the missing druid. Confront the goblins to set Halsin free, and a battle ensues, with the bear fighting at your side against the goblin adversaries.

Emergence of the Druid

As the clash with the goblins concludes, you’ll observe a wondrous transformation. The bear miraculously morphs back into the form of a man. The man introduces himself as Halsin, expressing profound gratitude for your timely rescue.

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