In Baldur’s Gate 3, players embarking on the “Save the Refugees” quest may face the challenging task of defeating three goblin leaders at the Goblin Camp. While a combat-heavy approach is always an option, this guide is here to unveil a clever strategy to eliminate True Soul Gut, Minthara, and Dror Ragzlin without engaging in any battles in Baldur’s Gate 3.

By adopting this non-combat approach, players can smoothly navigate the Goblin Camp, although it’s important to note that it might result in missing out on valuable XP and items, including two Mind Flayer Parasite Specimens. So, players keen on character progression may still consider the combat route, but for those seeking a more peaceful solution, read on.

Note: Choose a human character in True Soul Gut

Killing True Soul Gut

Head to True Soul Gut on the map to start this quest. True Soul Gut is the first goblin leader you’ll encounter. Engage in conversation with her, and let her probe your character’s parasite. Allow True Soul Gut to return to her chambers and follow her discreetly. In her chambers, express your readiness for her assistance and drink the potion she provides. This will cause your character to fall asleep, but resist the urge to break free from your chains. Remain restrained, and you’ll witness Korrilla making an appearance to swiftly eliminate True Soul Gut.

Defeating Nightwarden Minthara

Find the Drow, Nightwarden Minthara, in a small room in the northeast corner of the Shattered Sanctum. Inquire about her hunt and direct her towards the Druid Grove in Baldur’s Gate 3. Agree to help Minthara infiltrate her target discreetly. As Minthara crosses a wooden bridge, use ranged attacks to destroy the bridge’s Wooden Support. You can enhance your timing by using a turn-based mode to ensure her fall.

Outsmarting Dror Ragzlin

Dror Ragzlin can be found in a chamber to the west of Minthara’s room and poses the most challenging non-combat elimination. Follow these steps to defeat Dror Ragzlin:

Separate one party member from the group and equip them with a Void Bulb, which can be obtained during the tutorial or from Omeluum in Baldur’s Gate 3’s Underdark. Move the other three party members far away from the Goblin Camp. Enter Dror Ragzlin’s room with the separated character, climb the ladder in the northeast corner, and access the rafters.

Progress south along the rafters and get on top of the wall at the room’s entrance. Toss the Void Bulb near the hole next to Dror Ragzlin, causing him to fall and meet his end. Swiftly open the Baldur’s Gate 3 map and fast travel to a Waypoint, or carefully sneak out of the Shattered Sanctum.

If you lack Void Bulbs, an alternative method involves using two Potions of Invisibility. Separate a party member, consume one Potion of Invisibility, approach Dror Ragzlin, push him into the nearby hole, and then use the second potion to escape stealthily.

By employing these strategic, non-combat approaches, players can eliminate all three goblin leaders in Baldur’s Gate 3 with finesse and achieve their objectives without drawing a sword or casting a spell.

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