Embark on a journey to save True Soul Nere in this urgent side quest within the intriguing world of Baldur’s Gate 3. Our comprehensive walkthrough will not only show you the most efficient way to free Nere but also delve into the consequences of your choices.

Starting the Quest: Free True Soul Nere

As you step foot in Grymforge, nestled across the lake in the Underdark, you’ll quickly learn of another True Soul, Nere, who’s trapped due to a cave-in. Head towards the marked location on the map. This initiates the quest in your journal.

Liberating True Soul Nere

The cave-in lies to the south of your arrival point in Grymforge. As you venture in that direction, you’ll encounter two duergar, one of them named Elder Brithvar. They might attempt to extort money from you on Nere’s behalf, but you can convince them that you’re not a True Soul and express your disdain for Nere and the Absolute.

Should your persuasion succeed, they’ll propose an alternative: eliminate Nere, and you can share his possessions with the duergar. Whether or not you decide to ally with Brithvar, accepting the offer can make the showdown more manageable, providing allies where you would typically face overwhelming odds.

Note: This quest is time-sensitive. Nere will die in the cave-in if you take too many long rests. The mention of poison gas emphasizes the quest’s urgency. While there are numerous activities to explore in Grymforge, prioritizing the cave-in is crucial, allowing you to explore the rest of the region afterwards.

Upon nearing the rubble, Sergeant Thrinn and the gnomes will engage in conversation. If you haven’t already, the gnomes can guide you to find Philomeen and her explosive runepowder. Thrinn will provide a briefing and consider you an ally if you retrieve the boots that Thulla stole. Barcus, the gnome you may have saved from a windmill, is among the enslaved gnomes. For now, focus on obtaining the runepowder if you haven’t already.

Obtaining Explosives

To locate Philomeen’s hideout and secure explosives, head south around the dock upon arriving in Grymforge. You’ll encounter two duergar tossing bodies into the water. Persuade them to let you take over, prompting them to leave, and then pick the lock on the large double doors nearby.

Proceed through the doors and head over to the northeast corner of the next room until you spot a button on the wall. Push it, revealing a hidden door leading to a spacious room with a staircase and mysterious acid puddles.

Ascend the stairs, dealing with Ochre Jellies along the way, and take a left at the top of the staircase. Head to a pointed cliff to the east and leap to another cliff. Here, you’ll find a pair of large double doors, ornate in appearance but susceptible to lockpicking.

Upon entering, you’ll encounter a deep gnome named Philomeen, who threatens to ignite a cache of explosive powder. If you manage to talk her down, she’ll offer you a vial of the special runepowder in exchange for her release. She may also reveal that she needs to transport this highly destructive powder to Baldur’s Gate, though she can’t disclose the reasons.

You have the choice to let her go or refuse her deal. If you decline, she’ll ignite the powder, potentially killing your entire party. If you accept her offer and enter turn-based mode, you can eliminate her without the risk of igniting the powder, which you can then loot.

Philomeen won’t reunite with the other freed gnomes, but the vial she provides can be used to free Nere.

Breaking the Rubble

Interact with the rubble to communicate with Nere and establish a connection. This provides a chance to see through his eyes and understand how he’s been treating the gnomes trapped with him. If you possess the runepowder, place it on the rubble and ignite it with fire, whether it’s a cantrip, a thrown item, or a burning arrow.

While spells like Shatter can also be used, it’s advisable to conserve your spell slots for the impending battle. Once Nere is free, he’ll kill one of the gnomes he was trapped with, offering further insight into the cruelty you may have glimpsed in your vision.

Choices and Consequences: Siding With or Against Nere

At this point, you face two choices. You can either align with Nere, allowing him to continue his malevolent ways, or opt to eliminate him. Your earlier decision regarding Brithvar’s offer also determines the adversaries you’ll face.

Killing Nere

If you accepted Brithvar’s offer earlier, you have the option to kill Nere. This concludes the quest and your reward comprises any loot you can obtain from Nere, Thrinn, and the other duergar. Nere’s body will contain an illithid parasite, providing an opportunity to enhance your abilities. You may also receive up to 500 gold from the duergar if you make a deal with them. Additionally, you can remove Nere’s head if you’ve accepted the relevant quest from Soverign Spaw in the Myconid Colony.

If you didn’t speak to Brithvar or accept his offer, you’ll be forced to battle Nere and all the Duergar. This makes the fight considerably more challenging, underscoring the value of accepting Brithvar’s offer.

Assisting Nere

If you accepted Brithvar’s offer previously but decided to side with Nere, you must confront Brithvar and his allies. However, you’ll receive support from Nere and any other duergar who are willing to cooperate with Thrinn. After the battle, Nere will attempt to harm the gnomes, but you can attempt to mentally persuade him to release them. Be cautious, as failing this persuasion will brand you a traitor in Nere’s eyes, resulting in a battle against Nere and the remaining duergar. If successful, the gnomes will be liberated, aiding in the completion of this specific side quest.

If you don’t engage with Brithvar or accept his offer, none of the duergars will support Nere, and you’ll have to combat all of them with Nere as your only ally. While Nere is formidable, the numerous duergar may make this battle exceptionally challenging.

Once you’ve resolved this conflict, Nere will request a visit to General Thorm at Moonrise Towers, marking the end of the quest, with an illithid parasite as your reward.

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