This article presented here are the updated classroom question and answers in Persona 3 Reload, sorted chronologically.

April Class Answers

4/8“Among these phrases, ‘a rain of flowers,’ ‘mystical mirage,’ and ‘vivid carp streamers,’ which one symbolizes summer?”“Vivid carp streamers.” (#3)
4/18“The places where people dumped their waste in the Jomon period – what are they called nowadays?”“Middens.” (#2)
4/27“Which of the following is not an algebraic spiral?”“A.” (#1)

May Class Answers

5/6“What do you call the device that helps generate electric power for the train?”“A pantograph.” (#1)
5/13“Which tool did he (Léon Foucault) use in his experiments?”“The pendulum.” (#2)
5/15“What’s the other name for ‘May sickness’ – the more casual one?”“May Blues.” (#2)

First Semester Midterm Exams

5/19“What is the other common expression used to describe ‘May sickness’?”“May Blues.” (#1)
5/20“Which of the following did Léon Foucault use in his experiment on the rotation of the Earth?”“A pendulum.” (#3)
5/21“Which of the following is generated by a pantograph?”“Electricity.” (#2)
5/22“During which historical period were middens most commonly used?”“Jomon.” (#1)

June Class Answers

6/15“Which phrase means, ‘able to see things as they really are’?”“Keen eye.” (#1)
6/17“What early religious practice was the origin of magic?”“Shamanism” (#3)
6/22“What do people call this curve?”“Witch of Agnesi.” (#3)
6/25“What’s it called when the air bubbles in a whirlpool bath hit you and make your body vibrate?”“The flutter effect.” (#2)
6/29“What form of natural magic is used to find water sources?”“Dowsing.” (#1)

July Class Answers

7/3“…What kinda tale is he talkin’ about?”“About romance.” (#3)
7/8“Where is the comma splice found in the following sentence?”“Between ‘time’ and ‘it’s.’”
7/9“At the same time, a serious problem arose for the farmers. Do you remember what that was?”“Social disparity.” (#3)
7/10“What is the esoteric study of Jewish texts?”“Kabbalah.” (#3)
7/11“Now, what do you think that item was? It’s something every samurai needs!”“The katana.” (#1)

First Semester Final Exams

7/14“Which form of magic is used to find water sources?”“Dowsing.” (#2)
7/15“How did the Witch of Agnesi gain the first half of its name?”“An error in translation.” (#3)
7/16“Who designed the prototype for the katana?”“Taira no Masakado.” (#1)
7/17“There’s an error in this sentence, what kind is it?”“Comma splice.” (#2)

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