This guide will help you with the TotK Utojis shrine walkthrough, puzzle solutions, and treasure chest locations. It also offers instructions on how to find and access the shrine. Utojis Shrine, one of the 152 shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK) , is a shrine found in the East Necluda zone.

Utojis Shrine location :

You must enter Tobio’s Hollow Cave in the mountains to the east of Dracozu Lake to locate this shrine and finish the shrine quest “Legend of the Soaring Spear”. Coordinates are : (1217, -2542, 0096).

Go to the Tobio’s Hollow Cave, indicated on the map above with a chest symbol. Upon your arrival, you will face an assault from Keese creatures hanging from the cave ceiling. Defeat these enemies and collect their Keese Eyeballs and Wings. As you proceed deeper into the cave, you will encounter additional Keese. Eliminate them and collect valuable items. To successfully complete the shrine quest, make sure you have at least one Keese wing in your possession.

Once you emerge from the tunnel, you’ll find yourself in a vast cavern. On the left side of the entrance, there is a platform, while on the right side, you’ll notice a sizable circular opening in a stalactite. As you make your way into the cavern, you’ll come across a small campsite directly in front of you, accompanied by two Zonaite spears.

Retrieve one of the Zonaite spears lying on the nearby ground and fuse a Keese wing to it using the Fuse ability. Stand on the pedestal situated on the left side. As you step onto it, the pedestal will illuminate, and a target will become visible on the opposite side of the cavern.

Despite having the Keese wing attached, you’ll need to aim slightly above to successfully guide the spear through the ring. Once you accurately hit your target, the appearance of Utojis Shrine will manifest to your left.

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