This page contains instructions on how to find and access the En-oma shrine, a walkthrough through the shrine, answers to puzzles, and locations of treasure chests.

En-oma Shrine location

En-oma Shrine is located underneath Lake Hylia’s whirlpool is the Lake Hylia Whirlpool Cave. Teleport to Popla Hills Skyview Tower. To reach it, teleport to Popla Hills Skyview Tower and glide towards Lake Hylia. Once there, you’ll easily spot the whirlpool. Descend into it to access the cave. Coordinates are : 0104, -2517, -0087

En-oma Shrine walkthrough

In order to get the Light of Blessing at this shrine, you must find a crystal and bring it back to the shrine. The crystal beam will be visible when the En-oma Shrine is activated. Green beam points directly upward, indicating that the crystal is on the sky islands.Fast travel to the Popla Foothills Skyview Tower after activating the shrine and launch yourself into the air

As soon as you reach the highest point, use your glider to head in the direction of the Faron Sky Archipelago, as seen in the second image below.

Pick up the green crystal at Faron Sky Archipelago and drop the crystal into the floor hole. Then, jump through the floor hole to the ground. This will lead you and the crystal to the Whirlpool Cave at Lake Hylia.

Bring the crystal to the shrine, then activate the base. You’ll discover a chest with a powerful Zonaite sword and the symbol needed to find a Light of Blessing as soon as you enter.

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