This article for the Zanmik Shrine in Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom contains information on how to get there, how to get inside, how to solve puzzles, and where to discover treasure boxes.

Zanmik Shrine Location

The Zanmik Shrine can be found within the Hateno Village region, near Nucluda Sea in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This particular shrine challenges players with tests involving electricity and the utilization of Link’s Ultra Hand ability.

Zanmik Shrine Puzzle walkthrough

After you enter the shrine, drop from the ledge and glide all the way to the bottom.

You’ll see the huge wheel that is not rotating. There are multiple balls and a few boards can be found underneath the wheel if you go to the bottom of the shrine and there is a chest hidden too, covered by numerous balls underneath the wheel.

First you need to powering up the wheel. Before that join four boards together with Ultrahand and attached it within the wheel. As shown in the image below.

Grab another board and set it on the floor connectors to complete the connection and this will enable the wheel to rotate.

After the wheel starts rotating along with the four blocks attached to it, the balls would start displacing and uncover the chest. Collect the chest to get ‘Strong Zonaite Longsword’.

To solve the puzzle and unlock the gate to access the ‘Light of Blessing ‘ the next stage is to get one of the balls to the top floor. You can achieve this by simply joining a ball using ultrahand to the four slab that is rotating along with wheel.

Climb up the ladder up reach the upper platform. As the wheel rotate it will bring the wheel to the ramp. Use Ultra Hand to grasp the ball from the wheel and take it to the hole where the orb must place in order for the Shrine entrance to open.

This will make the door at the end of the shrine to open and exit the shrine.

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