This article will guide you in finding the TotK Yamiyo shrine, a walkthrough through the shrine, answers to puzzles, and locations of hidden treasure chests.

Yamiyo shrine Location

The Yamiyo Shrine can be found in the Romani Plains in Central Hyrule, northeast of Lookout Landing and the Lookout Land Skyview Tower and directly east of Hyrule Castle Town Ruins.

Yamiyo shrine Solution

Yamiyo Shrine (Combat Training: Throwing) is a Combat Training shrine. Your goal here is to defeat the construct in the center of the arena on the platform. You must use the Throw Material command to do so. To do this, you must employ the Throw Material command. Approach the bushes with the Fire Fruit and collect them.

How to Throw Material

Utilize the fruits as your throwing ammunition. When Link prepares to launch his weapon, press and hold the R BUTTON without releasing it. Next, navigate through the menu by pressing UP on the D-PAD to select the Fire Fruit. Once selected, release your grip on the controller to aim and allow the fruit to descend. To ensure accuracy, employ the RIGHT TRIGGER to lock onto the enemy, avoiding any potential misses, and use it to sidestep and evade their attacks.

Throw Material (Enemy Is Moving)

The next challenge instructs you to toss the fruit at the construct once it has stopped moving. When it pauses, get close and hurl the fruit at the build to destroy it.

Take a moment to survey the area surrounding the enemy platform for any discarded weapons and Zonai Charges. A ladders is located on the rear side of the platform.

Secret Location

A chest just near the exit contains the shrine’s loot. Unlock the chest to discover three Bomb Flowers and exit the shrine.

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