This page includes directions for finding and entering the TotK Wao-os shrine, a walkthrough through the shrine, answers to puzzles, and locations of hidden treasure chests.

Location & Access to Wao-os Shrine

This shrine is located beneath the Passer Hill region, and the cave entrance is concealed on a ledge above the road west of Lake Totori. If you go to the Passer Hill cherry blossom tree shrine, you may find this lot more easily. The cave’s entrance is located at these coordinates: -3951, 2033, 0201.

Discover West Lake Totori Cave by running or climbing up the slope to the cave’s entrance. One of the uncommon cave entrances without a Blupee in front of it is this one.

Drop into a cavern with a pond descending from the entrance tunnel. Sticky Lizard, Chillfin Trout, Glowing Cave Fish, Brightcap, and Chilishroom may all be found here. To advance, ascend the cavern’s natural ramp on the left.

Location of the West Lake Totori Cave Bubbulfrog

Stop as the ceiling rises and you come upon a typical ore deposit rather than proceeding to the next large cavern. There is a hole in the wall to the right (or north), up.

As you ascend, a secret grotto with a Bubbulfrog and some mushrooms will be revealed. Grab the Bubbul Gem after shooting the Bubbulfrog with an arrow.

Walkthrough and Puzzle Solutions for Wao-os Shrine

It’s time to work some iron! To fuse them, place the iron ball into the bowl using Ultrahand as seen below.

Then, position them on the seesaw’s ground side. Then, take the iron box and raise it far beyond the portion of the white slab that is still dangling over the gap. When the box is dropped, the bowl and ball combination will fly to the opposite side and hit the large target.

You can enter through a gate and go to the wooden platform. Attach it to the seesaw’s ground side so that it just covers the bottom half of the white slab.

How to Get the Treasure from the Wao-os Shrine

The link needs to breathe some fresh air. Place the connecting wooden plank on its end and stand. Then take the box once more with Ultrahand. Drop it to be thrown into the air after raising it above the opposite half of the white slab. Once you’re in the air, use the glider to circle back towards the entrance and descend to the platform holding the treasure chest.

You’re going to acquire a Spicy Elixir. If you want to solve the problem, go back to the main platform. This technique can also be used to glide across and toss a piece into the gap if one becomes trapped.

This time, however, leave the wood platform in its current location and fasten the bowl to it along its forward horizontal plank so that it nearly touches the centre of the larger structure.

After that, place the iron ball in the bowl without attaching it. Throw the ball ahead using the iron box; it should connect with the upper target and open the exit. If the ball reaches the desired height but misses the target, check to make sure the bowl is attached precisely in the middle of the extended platform.

You can stand on the wooden platform and throw yourself across the opening of the exit is open. Do not forget to use your glider! After finishing, you’ll hear that recognisable and nice piano line and can leave.

You’ve completed the shrine and obtained a Light of Blessing!

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