This page will guide you in finding and completing the Usazum shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom to collect the chest and Light of Blessing.

Usazum Shrine Location

Usazum Shrine is found within the Hyrule Ridge region. The half-shrine ring is located on the field west of Safula Hill and north of the Dalite Forest. To open the shrine, you’ll need to retrieve a crystal from a nearby cave and complete ‘The Satori Mountain Crystal’ shrine quest.

The Quest for the Satori Mountain Crystal Shrine

Your goal is to find a crystal and deliver it to the shrine. From the shrine, a light shines in the direction of the the location of the crystal. When you turn back, you’ll find a dark hole at the foot of Satori Mountain.

Mountain Foothill Cave at Satori

As you enter the cave, you’ll probably notice the crystal’s ray moving as it opens. This is because the cave is a large circle and the shrine crystal is hanging around a Hinox’s neck. This would be the time to go get some arrows and fight the monster.

How to defeat a Hinox

Hinoxs eye is primarily weak. The Hinox will be knocked back and remain still for a brief period if you shoot it with an arrow. The Hinox will attempt to defend its eye from arrow attacks after being attacked enough times. Defeat Hinox and bring the crystal back to the shrine.

Look in the northernmost corner of the cave before you depart with the crystal. A Bubbulfrog can be found in the alcove if you climb up there.

When you’re ready to enter the shrine, bring the crystal back to the designated location.

You are given Rauru’s Blessing once you enter the shrine, so all you have to do now is move forward, take the treasure (a Strong Zonaite Spear), and you’ll be on your way with a fresh Light of Blessing.

You’ve completed the shrine and obtained a Light of Blessing!

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