This page will guide you on the The TotK Turakawak shrine walkthrough, puzzle solutions, and treasure chest locations to collect the chest and Light of Blessing.

Location and Access

Turakawak Shrine is located south of the bottom turn of Tanager Canyon, and next to Lake Illumeni in the very south of the Tabantha Frontier. Refer to the below image for the exact location.

Turakawak Shrine Guide

After entering the shrine, you can climb the block in the first room.

Then, using Ultrahand, stack two blocks vertically together by lifting one on top of the other. To access the ladder, you must move it to the edge of the ladder. But before you move to next location you can obtain a treasure chest before stepping up the ladder.

Where is the treasure chest?

Find the slot in the ceiling that is above the first space. Move underneath this location, then choose Ascend from the L menu. to reach the next level with chest.

Use acend again to leave the chest compartment.

Turakawak Shrine’s last problem is a little challenging:

Pick up the first two cubes from below.

Place them on top of third. Use 50% of the block to fuse with the third non-climbable cube to form a vertical stack.

You can utilise Ascend on the overhang created as a result to reach the shrine. You’ve completed the shrine and obtained a Light of Blessing!

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