This guide will help you with the TotK Tukarok shrine walkthrough, puzzle solutions, and treasure chest locations. It also offers instructions on how to find and access the shrine.

Tukarok Shrine Location:

Tukarok Shrine is located just east of Lookout Landing, across the Great River, is the. It is located next to the stable in a little grove on the surface and acts as the warp point for Wetland Stable.

Walkthrough and Solution for Tukarok Shrine

To exit the shrine you need to place a huge sphere into the circular hole near the exit – which is right at the entrance.

Head straight to the end and launch yourself from the steep edge, then glide down to the sphere.

Here you find a big sphere, a cart and a lava pool. Utilise the ultrahand to place the sphere to the middle of the cart. Make sure the wheels of the cart are pointed in the direction of the lava pool. Hit a wheel of the cart to move it and cross the lava pool.

In the next puzzle, place the cart with sphere attached on to the scaffolds and attach the lone rectangular stone piece to the front of it and leave the structure there. You can then climb up the ladder to reach the top. Use the ultrahand to grab the cart with the rectangle attached to pull it toward you.

Dismantle the sphere and take it to the next level. The next phase has several floating platforms with wheels that are arranged in “lanes” in a pool. You can convert on of these platform into a paddle boat.

Where is the treasure chest?

The deep pool holds a treasure chest, situated beneath the boat positioned second from the left. Employ the Ultrahand to raise it from the water, and carefully transfer it onto stable ground. The chest contains a mighty Zonaite Sword.

Attach thinner boards like sideways propellers, two of these can be affixed perpendicularly to the boat’s two side wheels. place the sphere to the middle of the cart.

Ride the boat and hit the wheel to cross the pool.

Place the sphere on the hole to open the exit door of the shrine. You’ve completed the shrine and obtained a Light of Blessing!

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