This guide will help you with the TotK Tsutsu-um shrine walkthrough, puzzle solutions, and treasure chest locations. It also offers instructions on how to find and access the shrine.

Tsutsu-um Shrine Location

Tsutsu-um Shrine is located in the Hyrule Field region to the west-southwest of Hyrule Field Skyview Tower just past the Coliseum Ruins on a hill.

Walkthrough and Solution for Tsutsu-um Shrine

The exit-opening puzzle is directly ahead; to solve it, you must place the constantly dropping ball into the port on the lower right. Supporting equipment and the shrine’s treasure chest are on the left. Let’s start with that.

As you enter the shrine, you will find two plates with stake. These can be embed into almost anything in the buildings. There’s also a piston hanging from the ceiling that’s moving up and down. Grab the panel with Ultrahand and place it on the stake sticking out of the left side of the piston. Hop on it after attaching the metal platform to reach the other platform on the left side. Then you can use the air current to glide up and over to the treasure box. You will receive x5 Arrows.

Head to the elevated white metal platform of the main puzzle structure. Here you need to direct the ball to the tip on the right side. You must first gain control of the ball. Place a stake in the wall to serve as a stopper at the location where the ball is expected to land following its initial slide and fall directly below. Refer to below image.

The next step is to make the ball to roll to the right side to reach the rotating mechanism. Put a second stake on the wall through the moving seesaw platform so that it inclined to the right side. Refer below image.

Once the ball settle at the bottom of the rotating platform, place another stake on the rotating mechanism. Pick the nearest spike and place it approximately halfway on the grey portion of the rotating wheel.

Thus, the ball will be gradually pushed towards its port

The exit gate opens once the ball is successfully inserted into the port. You’ve completed the shrine and obtained a Light of Blessing!

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