This article for the Tokiy Shrine in Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom contains information on how to get there, how to get inside, how to solve puzzles, and where to discover treasure boxes.

Tokiy Shrine Location

The ‘Tokiy Shrine’ lies in the Necluda region of the Legend of Zelda: Kingdom Tears. This Shrine is located underground at the end of a cave system and requires players to bring its crystal to it before it opens. The Coordinates are :- 2300, -2379, -0028

Where and how to find the crystal

To open the shrine you must first complete the The Oakle’s Navel Cave Crystal Shrine Quest where you need go and find the crystal first inside the cave. Enter the cave on the southeast side of small pond name Oakle’s Navel, this pond is located in the heart of a canyon on the far eastern side of West Necluda, just northeast of Mount Rozudo.

As you enter the cave, Link must defeat an Electric Like-Like in order to progress further and find the Crystal. If you succeeded, you would receive an electric fruit, a shock-like stone, and a chest with an eightfold longblade after defeating it ( Refer to the images down below).

Continue on the cave’s path until you come to a large room with a crystal. Interact with the crystal to begin the “The Oakle’s Navel Cave Crystal” quest. To finish the quest, you must follow the crystal’s light beam back to the Tokiy shrine.

how to find the tokiy shrine

As you move toward the beam of light, several rocks will start tumbling and falling your way. Hit them back with recall, or you might avoid them and use Ultrahand to raise the crystal as well.

The Tokiy shrine can be found at the end of the light beam, which you can reach by continuing to follow it. Now after opening the chest, go forward to the Tokiy Shrine and receive the ‘Light of Blessing’

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