This guide will help all the collectibles in The Chant of Chapter 2. It is a single-player, third-person horror action-adventure game set on a remote spiritual island retreat which was released on 3rd November 2022.

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Lore 5

After the start of chapter 2, enter the building near the campsite. Open the cupboard to find Lore #5 of the game. Refer to the below image.

All Collectibles Location in Chapter 2
The Chant

Lore 6

Continue playing the game to get to the point when you are looking for Kim in the chapter and you meet a guy in a white robe. Lore #6 is located directly behind him. Refer to the below image.

Collectibles Location

Lore 7

Enter the room behind the guy in a white robe where you have to solve a fuse box orientation puzzle. Lore #7 is on the shelf inside the room. The door is on the left. Refer to the below image.

Lore 7

Reel 2

In the same room look at the cabinet to find Reel #2 just below the projector. Refer to the below image.

Lore 8

After completing the fuse problem, you will arrive at the place where Kim is weeping in the window. Continue further and take the first right and enter the room through a double door.

Lore #8 is in the cabinets beside the projection screen and candle. Refer to the below image.

Lore 9

Exit the previous collectible room (with a double door)and look to the right for a ladder. Climb up the ladder room to reach the second floor.

Upstairs you will find Lore #9 on a table. Refer to the below image.

Reel 3

Look to the right in the same room (upstairs) to locate a locked cabinet. Reel #3 is in the cabinet. Refer to the below image.

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