This guide will help all the collectibles in The Chant of Chapter 1. It is a single-player, third-person horror action-adventure game set on a remote spiritual island retreat which was released on 3rd November 2022. All Collectibles in The Chant

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Lore 1

At the start of chapter 1, as you come to the main area you will meet Maya in her house near the glass dome. Enter her cabin and check on the left side for the first note (Lore 1).

Reel 1

Continue to the right side of the glass dome after leaving Maya’s residence. Keep going to the right side of the campsite and climb up the stairs to enter Sunny’s room. Speak with Sunny to get Reel 1.

Lore 2

Inside Sunny’s room. Collect Lore 2 from the desk.

Lore 3

Cross the bridge on the left side of the glass dome. You’ll come to a home on your left. Rather than stepping inside, circle the building and unlock a closet to find Lore 3.

Lore 4

The last lore is on the table inside the same building.

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