For the TotK Tenbez shrine, this page includes guidance for finding and entering the shrine, a walkthrough of the shrine, answers to puzzles, and locations of hidden treasure chests. The North Lomei Castle’s Top Floor, a labyrinth in the Hebra region, has the Tenbez Shrine on its edge.

Location and Access

You will require two pieces of warming armour, warming food, or a warming elixir to get to the Tenbez Shrine in Hyrule’s far north without losing health.

The Taninoud Shrine, which can be reached through the Taninoud Shrine Guide, is the best place to start your journey.

Use the stone launcher at the Shrine to propel yourself onto the northern island. You can see a floating Zonai platform with a solitary fan seated on it here, on the eastern side.

The Shrine is located straight east of the enormous cube in the distance; attach the fan at a 45-degree angle pointing down and away from it.

You can attach rockets to speed up this journey if you have them. But the fan will still get you there; you simply need to take a few breaks to recharge.

You can paraglide down to the Shrine if you are sufficiently above it and near enough.

Step-by-Step Guide with Puzzle Solutions

When you enter the Tenbez shrine, you’ll notice a peculiar, bright yellow object in front of two launchers spinning a sphere. A gravity controller, that is.

When the ball is on the right side, use a weapon to strike the bright yellow switch. It will ascend and strike a target.

Where is the treasure chest?

Under the objective, on the left side of the juggling area, lies a chest. To launch yourself into the target, climb onto the right launcher with the gravity set to low (green), then paraglide to the chest below to find a Large Zonai Charge within.

Now slowly ascend the left launcher. You can fall off the edge if you jump too far!

You will then be taken to the last area.

Turn gravity to low (green) here, then watch as the spherical rises and lands in the depression at the opposite end of the chamber.

Allow it to launch the ball up and over the cage to the left, but hit the gravity switch when it reaches its highest point and is over the metal hoop. As a result, it will be pulled onto the target and down into the metal cage.

Exit the shrine.

You’ve completed the shrine and obtained a Light of Blessing!

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