For the TotK Tauyosipun Shrine, this page includes directions for finding and entering the shrine, a walkthrough of the shrine, answers to puzzles, and locations of hidden treasure chests.

Location & Access to Tauyosipun Shrine

On the western side of Hebra West Summit, to the northwest of Rospro Pass Skyview Tower, is where you’ll find the Tauyosipun Shrine. If the clouds are right, you can see it from the West Hebra Sky Archipelago, but if you simply fly northwest from the tower on your paraglider, you should be able to see it just above the top.

Walkthrough and Puzzle Solutions for Tauyosipun Shrine

Reversing time is the main theme of this temple. By picking it and pressing the R button, equip Recall.

The recall is activated on a sphere that is now sliding down the ramp at the entrance to the shrine. This will enable you to ascend by following the reversible spheres.

Where is the treasure chest?

Look at the wheel revolving with a chest falling on it repeatedly at the top of the first ramp. Turn on Recall on the wheel as soon as a chest hits the ground. You’ll be brought the chest as a result. There is a ”Strong Construct Bow” within.

Two spheres, one adjacent to a sizable button and the other tumbling down a chute, are in the following chamber. Beyond the chute, there is a target in the distance.

To stop the rotating sphere at the gate, step on the switch. Once it is in position, use Ultrahand to grab the nearby sphere (hold R to choose it), then position it such that it is directly in front of the sphere that has stopped rolling up the chute while standing on the switch to close the gate. Return to Recall now, and turn on the bottom, first Sphere that rolled into position. NOT the one you took with your Ultrahand. The second sphere will be sent up the chute and into the target by turning it around.

Enter the final chamber by going through the door. Here, a sphere is sliding down two chutes or troughs with a gap over a goal. Using your recall, you must take this sphere’s momentum between the troughs.

Face the troughs and rolling sphere from the entrance door. Select the sphere by tapping Recall after the sphere has passed the second trough. To stop recall once it begins to reverse across the gap, tap Recall once again.

The sphere will strike the intended recipient.

The last room can now be reached by leaving past the sphere. Here, a target is moved over a moving platform that has a “cup” on it.

Place the sphere in the cup platform after switching to Ultrahand. Change to Recall.

Await the sphere to pass the intended target. At this point, pick the sphere by tapping Recall. The platform’s movement will be countered by the sphere rolling. It will fall into the target if a recall is quickly cancelled.

Now you can leave the shrine.

You’ve successfully completed the shrine and obtained a Light of Blessing!

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