The East Hebra Sky Crystal Shrine Quest, which is connected to the Taninoud shrine, can be started by getting to and activating the Shrine pad, and this page includes instructions on how to find and enter the shrine, a walkthrough of the shrine itself, solutions to puzzles, and locations of treasure chests.


From the Pikida Stonegrove Skyview Tower, take off and look to the east and down; a chain of islands extends out from the Tower.

Try one of the ones along the long stone walkway if you find one with an adversary firing rockets. If not, land on a nearby one and search for a moving platform.

Attach the rockets to the platform, either use both to gain the highest height possible or use at least one rocket to get height and another to pull you in the direction of the eastern islands.

You should be able to fly over to the island belonging to Taninoud Shrine, the one with the rotating wheel and stone launcher. To begin The East Hebra Sky Crystal Shrine Quest, interact with it.

Step-by-Step Guide with Puzzle Solutions

A green laser beam is directed at an island close to this temple. It appears to go right into a rock wall. Start by walking up to the large wooden wheel in the centre of the Shrine’s island and aiming the launcher at the large island to the north of where the green laser is pointing. Before you launch, make sure you have a sharp weapon; several are lying around.

Utilise both of them to soar above the island with your paraglider. Cross across to the northeast side and descend to a ledge in front of a vine wall there. To access the green crystal at the back of the cave, hack through the vine-covered walls with a sharp object.

Use your Ultrahand to fasten the green crystal to the platform within the cave.

Two fans should be attached to the bottom “rear” of the platform using the pieces on the ground, and the control stick should be attached to the upper “front.” Connect the fans’ batteries.

You’ll return to the Shrine platform with this improvised aircraft. Control it by boarding the machine and turning on the control stick. To progress upward, remember that you can press DOWN.

Drive the vehicle over to the Shrine island and park it there either releasing the controls or slamming it on the side. With Ultrahand, take the crystal out, then carry it to the Shrine.

A Topaz is located in the chest area.

You’ve completed the shrine and obtained a Light of Blessing!

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