This page contains a guide for locating and entering the Taki-Ihaban shrine, a walkthrough for the shrine itself, puzzle solutions, and treasure chest locations for the TotK Taki-ihaban shrine.

Location and Access

The only way to access the Taki-ihaban Shrine is by Lindor’s Brow Cave in Hyrule Field region. The shrine is a “Rauru’s Blessing” shrine, so there’s no puzzle to solve.

Enter the cave and then walk down a long tunnel into the water. Swim out and follow the route to see the shrine further into the cave. But you’ll first have to cross a larger section at the to get there. Unfortunately, there is also a horde of Gloom Hands wandering around.

It is advised that you either have a quick way to cross (such as the prize for finishing the Rito tale) or a means of destroying them. In either case, be cautious when avoiding those dangerous enemies.

The Complete Guide with Puzzle Solutions

The shrine is a “Rauru’s Blessing” shrine, so there’s no obstacles or tasks for you to solve. Simply gather the Light of Blessing and the treasure (Large Zonai Charge).

You’ve successfully completed the shrine and obtained a Light of Blessing!

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