How To Search For The Lost Monument Fragments In Genshin Impact

Search for the Lost Monument Fragments is a World Quest in Girdle of the Sands, Sumeru. To search for the Lost Monument Fragments in Genshin Impact, players must go to four different locations and use Sorush to collect the Inscriptions.

1) Location ( Hills Of Barsom)

The first Lost Monument Fragments is located at the hills of Barsom. Teleport to the location to find a gigantic tree. The first lost fragment is at the roots of the gigantic tree. Use Sorush to search for it upon entering the area. I have marked the fragment with an arrow in the below image

2) Location ( Oasis Of Vourukasha)

The second Lost Monument Fragments is located just south of Vourukasha Oasis teleport waypoint as marked below. Switch to Sorush to find the fragment in front of the green arch.

3) Location ( Asipattravana Swamp )

The third Lost Monument Fragments is located west of Asipattravana Swamp. Go to the spot indicated in the map below and glide down to find the “Lost Monument Fragments” floating above the cave entrance. Switch to Sorush to see the fragment.

 4) Location ( Tunigi Hollow)

The highest point in Tunigi Hollow is where you can find the last fragment of the Lost Monument. Switch to Sorush and fly to the top of the tree barnch to find the fragment.

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