This page includes directions to locating and entering the TotK Rutafu-um shrine, a walkthrough through the shrine, answers to puzzles, and locations of hidden treasure chests.

Location and Access

Head northwest from Hebra East Summit to Selmie’s Spot. A Blupee is pointing north near the campfire. Following it will take you to a descending slope and the Northwest Cave of the Hebra Mountains.

Drop down gradually and scan the south side of the Downard Tunnel for an inlet. There is a Bubbulfrog within.

Keep going down. Numerous ore deposits and four bokoblins gathered around a fire can be found below. Kill them, but don’t plunge into the icy water! and get any resources you like from the area of the cave.

Make sure to melt the ice column containing the treasure chest on the west side of the cave before continuing.

The Rutafu-um shrine, which is missing its shrine crystal, sits just up the ramp and is discernible by a glowing stone deposit. To begin the shrine quest, approach.

The Quest for the Northwest Hebra Cave Crystal Shrine

According to the shrine’s light beam, the crystal is in the middle of the icy pond.

Recall has no effect, and Ultrahand won’t be able to raise it from its current position. To get you closer to it, you’ll need a platform. Three Zonai Wings were within that treasure chest if you unlocked it.

Watch the pond below as you stand by the fire. There is a small, shallow section that serves as a first step towards the crystal on the west side of the pond bank. By placing one wing’s edge on the low section, you can use the three Zonai wings to create a type of bridge leading to the crystal.

If you have a lot of hearts, you can use them to buy yourself a longer time in the water as you use Ultrahand to grab the shrine crystal. If not, create a tiny bridge with at least two or three wings until you can use Ultrahand to reach the crystal.

You will receive Rauru’s Blessing, the best of the shrines if you bring the crystal to the shrine.

Inside Rutafu-um’s Shrine

You only need to open the prize chest (one Topaz) and retrieve your Light of Blessing once the shrine mission is finished.

You’ve completed the shrine and obtained a Light of Blessing!

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