Safes are plentifully scattered all around Remnant 2. One of them is housed at the very unsettling Morrow Parish Asylum. This article has all the essential details you need if you’ve located the safe and intrigued to discover what lies inside

Safe Code for the Morrow Parish Asylum in Remnant 2

To access the safe, you’ll need to use the code 2971. Inside, you’ll find the Double Barrel which is an excellent choice for your handgun slot, particularly in close-range situations. This weapon proves valuable in later stages of the game against formidable creatures. Its potent close-range damage becomes especially advantageous during such encounters.

The safe is located on the lower level, in a hall at the base of the main staircase, and you can simply enter the code there. You must locate a doctor who is imprisoned in the basement in order to obtain the safe code.

Go to the basement of the Morrow Parish Sanatorium to encounter a doctor locked behind a cell. She’ll share her story of betrayal by her staff as you explore the facility. It’s worth noting that although the doctor engages in various dialogues about her situation, the asylum, and her staff’s betrayal, she doesn’t mention the safe’s key/code in until you give her the Stone-Carved Dolls. She will give the code in her peculiar tune only comes up following that exchange of the doll.

The code to unlock the safe is cleverly embedded within the lyrics of the song. Before you swiftly leave this area, remember that the Asylum holds multiple secrets waiting to be discovered. Initiate your exploration by acquiring the Dreamcatcher, a formidable melee weapon. This accomplishment will pave the way for accessing the secret Invader class in the later stages of the game.

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