The puzzles in Remnant 2 are hard and frequently only offer vague solutions. The Lemark District’s Clock Puzzle is identical to the others in every way. This article will guide you on how to solve The Lemark District Clock Puzzle in Remnant 2

The Lemark District Clock Puzzle Solution

The Hewdas Clocktower puzzle presents a challenge due to a crucial gear that’s currently absent. You will encounter “Hewdas Clocktower” typically in Morrow Parish, Brocwythe Quarter, or Forsaken Quarter. When you’re at one of these places, you’ll notice a tall clock tower known as Hewdas Clock. Check and remember the time displayed on this clock tower.

In order to tackle this puzzle successfully, you’ll need to locate the missing gear and precisely integrate it with the other gears. Before embarking on your quest to find this gear, take note of the current time displayed on Hewdas Clocktower, which, in my case, is 11:17.

To locate the missing gear, make your way to Lemark District. The Lemark District is something you’ll run into while exploring Losomn. Lemark District is a modest clock-filled workshop is located here. You’ll see that one of the clocks hanging on the back wall can be operated.

To continue, change two arrows to set the correct time, matching the time displayed on the Hewdas Clocktower. If everything is done perfectly, the clock will make a noise and the Clockwork gear will fall from it.

The next thing you need to do is return to the Hewdas Clock and climb to the top. You must find the door at the base of the clock tower and climb up using the ladders. Make your way back to the top of the tower and carefully fit the missing gear among the other gears. Once in place, turn the lever to complete the puzzle.

The Broken Timepiece, a purple item, will then be liberated from the clock as a result.

Return to McCabe with this item to create the Time Lapse weapon Mod there with the help of the Broken Timepiece, 5 Lumenite Crystals, and 500 scrap.

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