This article is a comprehensive guide on how to solve Imperial Gardens Symbol Puzzle in Remnant 2.

How To Solve the Symbols Puzzle Imperial Gardens

This puzzle exhibits resemblances to the symbol door puzzle in The Lament, so players familiar with the latter will quickly comprehend the necessary steps here.

Location Of Puzzle Combination Symbols

To solve the puzzle you need to find locate four symbols, align them on the Plinth in any order and this will unlock a door to the lower level. Below map show the possible location of all 4 symbols.

Inputting The Combination

After acquiring the four symbols, the player should revisit the puzzle zone and enter the characters into the contraption. The sequence of arrangement is inconsequential; they can be vertically aligned from the upper to middle positions. Upon accomplishing this, a concealed pathway behind the puzzle will unveil, enabling the player to descend and obtain their prize – the Crossbow.

This weapon deals quite a bit of damage starting at 115. You will also find a chest on the other side of the staircase. The following items area inside the chest like Scrap, Sacred Lakewater One each of Brightstone, Forged Iron, and Relic Dust.

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