The Lament is one of the first optional dungeons you’ll come across in Remnant 2. The Lament has some great resources and loot, but the best things are kept behind locked doors. This article will guide you on how to obtain Kolket’s Razor in Remnant 2 and what to do with it.

You can enter the following area of the dungeon after you’ve solved the Plinth problem. The dungeons are dynamically created, so your path may vary. If you keep going straight, you’ll enter a small tunnel that leads to the second checkpoint of the dungeon.

You will find two alcoves are on either side of the passageway just before the new checkmark. Chests are located in these alcoves. Wither will arise if you interact with the one on the left. This mini-boss is a supercharged Root Slasher, but its modifiers are unpredictable.

Wither like many of the enemies you’ve faced so far has a glaring weak point – the bulging red parasite in its chest. Gun or melee its weak point and it will eventually turn into a flying parasite again. Kill the parasite, and it will drop Kolket’s Razor and the Mutator Overdrive.

Revisit the dungeon’s entrance to reveal the path to this puzzle. Upon reaching the Lament area, make use of the side entrance located after the arrow puzzle.

Getting to the jumping puzzle is a straightforward process. Simply turn around and head back to the Plinth puzzle starting from the second waypoint. A door on the left, just before the Plinth puzzle, will lead you to the upper floor. As you progress along this route, you’ll eventually arrive at a hallway illuminated by a golden light, guiding you towards the jumping puzzle.

How to Complete the Jump Puzzle in Remnant 2’s Lament

When you get to the jump puzzle, the hovering pillars and awkward jump controls can terrify you. There’s no jumping involved, so don’t worry. From the beginning of the jump puzzle until its conclusion, there is an invisible path that runs the entire length.

You can either fire a shoot to reveal the unseen bridge walk to it and see the symbol on it. Now just keep an eye out for this symbol on the other platform and walk up to that platform. Cross the invisible bridge after you’ve located it. You must exercise caution because the bridges appear to be very thin, and because you can’t see the edge, it’s easy to slip over.

At the other side of the puzzle with the floating rocks and symbols, there is a locked door. You can use Kolket’s Key to unlock this door and gain access to a new room.

After getting Kolket’s Razor, you might examine it carefully. To discover an interaction point on its extreme tip. Selecting this interaction point will reveal Kolket’s Key.

You can obtain the Relic Fragment Ranged Critical Damage and the Ring of Diversion by solving this puzzle, along with a few resources.

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