To find “The Nightweaver Stone Doll” involves finding a series of three small Stone-carved Dolls. It will give you access to a secret melee weapon with excellent crowd control and an optional boss battle. This article will guide you to find all three Stone-carved Dolls to ultimately find The Nightweaver Stone Doll in Remnant 2

How To Find The Nightweaver Stone Doll

To get the Nightweaver Stone Doll you’ll first have to collect a three Stone-carved dolls places in and out of the Asylum.

#1 Stone-Carved Doll

You can find the Stone-carved Doll from the chamber located on the main floor of the Asylum, situated directly opposite the office containing the Morrow Parish safe.

#2 Stone-Carved Doll

The second doll can be found lying on the ground beside the shed, outside the Asylum.

#3 Stone-Carved Doll

The third Stone-Carved Doll is on the third floor of the Asylum. Additionally, you’ll require the Prison Cell Key to open the locked door on the Asylum’s third floor. The key is inside the shed near the 2nd doll.

Next, go to the third floor, use the key to open the door. You will find the third doll on the ground near the glowing door.

Once you’ve collected the dolls and entered the basement, proceed down the corridor on the right. When you approach the door at the end, be sure to select the “Give Doll” dialogue option while talking to the woman inside the locked cell.

After handing her all three dolls, the woman will start singing a song that hides the safe’s combination located in the office. Once she completes her song, open the door to unveil the Nightweaver Stone Doll along with a room brimming with stone figurines. With the creepy idol in your possession, your next task is to seek out Nimue.

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