Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players seeking for the adorable Fire-type Fuecoco will definitely want to have it as their starting Pokemon for their journey. Here is a guide to know about Fuecoco and how to obtain it.

How to get Fuecoco in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Players can get the Fire-type starter Fuecoco from the professor at the start of the game or by trading with their friends in game.

Paldea Pokedex: #004 Fuecoco
Type: Fire
Ability: Blaze/Unaware
Height: 1’04”
Evolution: Fuecoco > Crocalor (Level 16) > Skeledirge (Level 36)
Characteristics: It lies on warm rocks and uses the heat absorbed by its square-shaped scales to create fire energy.

HP: 67
Attack: 45
Defense: 59
Special Attack: 63
Special Defense: 43
Speed: 36
Total Combat Points: 313

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