This article for the Oshozan-U Shrine in Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom contains information on how to get there, how to get inside, how to solve puzzles, and where to discover treasure boxes.

Oshozan-u Location

Oshozan-u shrine is located in the extreme north of Tabantha Snowdrift in the Tabantha Tundra atop a icy mountain in Hebra Mountains region. To access the Oshozan-u Shrine, make sure you have two pieces of warm clothing, a elixir that provides cold resistance or warmth, or food to counter the chilly conditions as you ascend from lower ground to reach the shrine’s location.

Oshozan-u Shrine walkthrough

In the first room you will find a rocket, a wooden log, and a block on a track, with a large target in the distance.

Use ultrahand to attach the log to the track, hanging off the side and also join the rocket facing the target. Fire the rocket to shoot it towards the target to hit it.

Where is the treasure chest?

Upon entering the next room, you will find a chest positioned atop a ledge on your left side. Arrange the wooden log near the ledge in a perpendicular manner and climb it and access the chest.

Attach the longer log to the side of the stone gear using Ultrahand. The weight of the log will turn the gear. Grab the smaller log and use it as a hammer to attach it to the end of the longer log at a perpendicular angle. Attach the rocket to the short log at the end of your hammer with Ultrahand.

Attach a rocket pointing up and hit it to light it up. This will cause the long stick and wheel to turn clockwise and strike the target.

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