Coral Island is a life-simulator game that is released. Oct 11, 2022. You will slowly unfold interesting mythical lore as you explore more regions in the game. 

Mythical Dream Quest Guide

After having a strange dream about curing the island, the Mythical Dream quest will start in the game. This guide will help you to solve the Mythical Dream quest.

Inspect a tablet at a sacred tree.

As the quest start after the weird dream, the first objective is to inspect a tablet near a Sacred tree. The location of sacred trees can vary for different users. Refer to the below image for possible locations of the sacred tree.


The next objective of the quest seems to be rather ambiguous as it just says “????”. The next part of your quest will only trigger once you fall asleep again.

Head to your house and go to bed. The next day, you will receive a letter from the Chieftain, requiring you to talk to him on the left side of your farm.

Meet the Chieftain left of your farm

Head to the left side of the map to look for a tree path covered in moss. Cross the river to meet the Chieftain. Once you’ve met the Chieftain, he will direct you to Lake Temple to meet the Goddess. 

Meet the Goddess at the Lake Temple

Next, go to the lake temple on the northeast side of the map to meet the Goddess. The quest will be over after the cutscene.

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