If you’re having difficulties completing the Rav’Ages of Caustic X a mission in Dead Island 2, this mission guide can assist.

There are numerous side quests in Dead Island 2 that are easy to overlook. While some may have you racing directly into the path of a side character, others will be easy to overlook as you kill your way through the city and all of its portions.

This is the case with The Rav-Ages of Caustic-X, which may be obtained rather early in the game. Once you locate it, the task is straightforward; you only need to know where to look.

Starting The Mission

After you’ve saved Emma’s helper, Sam B. will call and ask you to meet them in Beverly Hills. This talk with Sam is what may cause you to miss out on this mission.

As you depart the Monarch Studios location, you will likely come to a little nook immediately before the exit where you are still conversing with Sam. What you may not hear is a voice coming from a nearby radio, which you can answer. Respond by going over to the radio. This will start a conversation with Hanna, a VCLA student who is asking you to assist her buddy Rav at the Halerpin Hotel.

Finishing The Quest

You’ll make your way back to the hotel through Bel-Air. You won’t have an accurate marker to guide you when you arrive at the location. You only need to approach close to the hotel to hear Rav shouting out over the radio. The game will eventually advise you to meet him in the ballroom.

Enter the hotel and speak with Rav on the rooftop balcony. He will say that he comes to collect data on a project named Caustic-X that the military was working on at the hotel. He will direct you to the hotel’s back entrance to retrieve the Caustic-X Shipment Receipt from an ambulance.

When you arrive there, you’ll see a few typical zombies, as well as a Crusher and a Slobber, all of which may be a tremendous pain to deal with at the same time. You can either take your time and painstakingly whittle away at their health until they are both dead, or you can simply pass them, tank the poison damage around the ambulance, and grab the receipt without ever having to deal with them.

Once you get it, you must return to the hotel ballroom, where Rav has set up a DJ. He needs you to distract the zombies while he conducts research, so put on that DJ set and prepare to fight. With a couple of hits on most of them, an exclamation point icon will emerge above the zombies.

This implies you need to get away from them before they either explode or shock you. This will not only stop zombies in their tracks for a good time to do some damage, but it will also do a good amount of damage to all the zombies around you.

He has you go to the hotel pool, which is full of Caustic-X, for this part. Your goal here is to kick zombies into the pool and cause enough damage for Rav’s study.  Just keep moving and aim for those who are already idling near the pool’s edge. Rav will eventually tell you that he’s had enough and will invite you back to the ballroom.

Do so, and he will be grateful for your assistance. He will reward you for your assistance with the Rare Melee Liquidator Mod, which adds Caustic Damage to your melee weapon, as well as a Caustic-X Bomb for your Curveballs.

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