This page includes directions to locating and entering the TotK Mayausiy Shrine, a walkthrough of the shrine, answers to puzzles, and locations of hidden treasure chests.

Mayausiy Shrine Location

The Mayausiy Shrine is found inside of the Forgotten Temple in the Tabantha Frontier region. Forgotten Temple is located in Tanagar Canyon which is on the western edge of Hyrule.

Mayausiy Shrine walkthrough

In the first room, there is one entire bronze rectangular block on the left and one unfinished bronze rectangular block on the right. Along the right wall, there are two L-shaped blocks. Complete the unfinished rectangular block with the L-shaped blocks.

Where is the treasure chest?

In the final puzzle section, you’ll find the treasure chest within the Mayausiy shrine placed on a ledge in the corner. To reach this spot, you’ll need to utilize the Ultrahand to bind the three blocks together, creating a staircase. Begin by joining the two smaller blocks atop the largest one.

Put these three components into the incomplete block. Start by placing one of the smaller ones on the western side, followed by the larger one that fits snugly in the corner, positioned counterclockwise from it. To unlock the exit, position the final piece in place.

You’ve successfully completed the shrine and obtained a Light of Blessing!

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