This page includes directions for finding and entering the TotK Mayaumekis shrine, a walkthrough through the shrine, answers to puzzles, and locations of hidden treasure chests.

Location & Access to Mayaumekis Shrine

The Mayaumekis Shrine, which is connected to the Tulin of Rito Village quest, is situated far above Hebra Peak in the Sky in the Rising Island Chain of the Hebra Sky. The starting point of the quest is this shrine.

Walkthrough and Puzzle Solutions for Mayaumekis Shrine

When you first walk into the Mayaumekis shrine, you are met by a locked door. There is a yellow switch on the other side of some bars. Through the bars, you can shoot an arrow to turn it on and open the door. After then, take your arrow off the ground.

Climb the ramp, then demolish the structure. Open your paraglider now and jump onto a second ship while using the bouncing sail to propel yourself into the skies.

Stay away from floating towards the platform on the right. Head straight towards the ship that is below you. You’ll have the necessary height to reach the following platform thanks to this.

From here, you can see a ship docked at the platform below you. To the right is a locked rooftop aperture, while to the left is a distant corner platform. The only treasure chest in the shrine is located here.

Treasure Chest

To gain enough height to float over to this chest, use the ship that is docked at the platform. Pull out your paraglider at the very top; you’ll need every bit of height. Arrows x10 are present.

These will be useful on the latter stretch. Go back to the ship that is docked. The orange switch must now be fired through the bars. This has to be done in midair. Launch into the air using the docked ship, then turn on the paraglider at the peak of your bounce. To conveniently delay time, take out your bow by pressing the RIGHT TRIGGER. Shoot it as you pass the switch while falling.

By flipping a switch, a door in the ground is opened. Reach the ship underneath it and climb the deck to the exit.

You’ve completed the shrine and obtained a Light of Blessing!

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