The Genshin Impact 3.6 update added a number of quests to the game, including the Khvarena of Good and Evil world quest. you’ll get the Khvarena of Good and Evil quest automatically once you approach the first Teleport Waypoint in the new Girdle of the Sands area. This quest requires you to “Use the power of Khvarena to destroy Grey Crystals”. This guide will help you to destroy them with Khvarena’s power.

Starting location

The Grey Crystals can be found in Gavireh Lajavard, a new location in Sumeru. This grey crystal will be blocking your way, and you will have to destroy them to open a path.

use the power of Khvarena to destroy the Gray Crystals

To break the grey crystals, you must first free Khvarena, which looks like a flying green orb with wings. You will see an in-game arrow pointing to a nearby breakable rock. The rock is indicated by a golden marker so you won’t miss it. You’ll need a powerful character to break the rock (use a strong character like Claymore to smash the rock and free the green orb).

Follow khvarena in order to destroy grey crystals

Once Khvarena is free, follow her to the grey crystals. The flying green orb will automatically destroy the crystal. After the Grey Crystals are destroyed, the path behind it will open. Also, you will get the “Shining in the Mire” accomplishment.

Keep in mind that these Grey Crystals will regenerate after some time, and you will have to destroy them again using the same manner described above.

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