Ward 13 is one of the main area of Remnant II and it contains a handful of important secrets. One of these is a chest you may have stumbled upon while exploring Ford’s chambers. This guide will help you where to Find the Code to Ford’s Locked Chest and the code.

Where to Find the Code to Ford’s Locked Chest

The front of the chest in Ford’s chamber features a lock with four numbered dials. The bottom of the torch Ford gave you has the lock’s code carved into it. Open your inventory, choose Inspect on the torch, and then turn it to see the code on the bottom to find it.

Ford’s Room chest has a code of 0415. The chest will unlock if the dials are set to the right numbers. Input the combination on the chest to open it. Inside, you’ll find the Cargo Control Key.

Uses for the Cargo Control Key

The Cargo Control Key that you found in Ford’s room can be used to open door in Ward 13. The door is in the container yard at the far end of the colony. Enter inside and you’ll find a small room with a gun on a table. The weapon is a small-caliber submachine gun called the MP60-R.

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