Wacky Wizards has released another update for Halloween 2022. This time the new addition is Evil Head. This guide will show you how to get the “Evil Head” ingredient.

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Unlock EVIL HEAD Ingredient

You must first wait for Mr. Rich to appear in the game to obtain the Evil Head ingredient. Every two hours, Mr. Rich respawns. You can also see how much time is left on the Cyclops Invasion countdown board near the barn.

When Mr. Rich appears, you must defeat him by loading the in-game cannons and shooting as many potions as possible. Mr. Rich’s health bar will start to drop as potions strike him. It takes 3-4 hits of the “The End” potion to bring him down.

EVIL HEAD Ingredient

He should crumble and fall to the ground when his health bar reaches zero. Run to his decomposing body to locate the Evil Head ingredient! This way you can Unlock EVIL HEAD Ingredient.

Unlock EVIL HEAD Ingredient

What is the 93rd potion in wacky Wizards?

93WitchyYou + Witches Brew

How do you convert oz to wacky wizards?

To brew an Oz potion, add Foryxe’s and Jandel’s Head to the Cauldron. Foryxe’s Head is in the Cave Club behind the Waterfall, and Jandel’s head is in the Desert, next to a cactus. Drink the potion that turns you into Oz and go into the room.

How do you make a DNA potion in wacky wizards?

To get a DNA potion, Roblox players will first need to brew the Shrink Ray potion. This is crafted by combining a fairy plus a chameleon in the pot. Upon completion, it will automatically be added to the inventory. With the Shrink Ray potion in hand, jump on top of the pot and consume it.

What potion does Glinda want?

The first potion that Glinda wants you to create is the Hot Potion. All you will need to do is throw a pepper into your cauldron and grab the potion. Run back to Glinda and give it to her!

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