Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is finally released on September 18, 2022, and chrome is one of the main focus. The main selling point of this season is that the majority of the map has been converted to Chrome. The latest update spits out chrome everywhere, and the player can use a new item to transform into chrome, which changes the fortnite player into a small blob and allows them to move through walls.

How to become a Chrome Blob in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

There are two ways for a player to become this shiny blob of substance

  1. Enter a Chrome Tornado
  2. Find Chrome Splash

Enter a Chrome Tornado

To find a Chrome Tornado fast, head to Herald’s Sanctum as a tornado surrounds it. If you pass through it, chrome will consume your character. Start sprinting to turn your Fortnite character into a Chrome Blob.

Find Chrome Splash

Alternatively, you can land at Herald’s Sanctum, Shimmering Shrine, Condo Canyon. These specific areas of the map are engulfed in Chrome Once there, start breaking objects made of Chrome like chrome walls, chrome rocks, etc. This will yield Chrome Splash and you can use it on yourself to be covered in Chrome. Once you’re covered in Chrome, try sprinting to turn your Fortnite character into a Chrome Blob.

What was Season 4 of Fortnite called?

Fortnite Chapter 3, season 4 has launched, with this season called “PARADISE” and dealing with a Chrome infection of the island.

What guns are in Fortnite right now Chapter 3 Season 4?

EvoChrome Shotgun
EvoChrome Burst Rifle
D-Launcher – help you gain higher ground

What is the key for on Fortnite?

These represent the locations of vaults. You can head to any of them, but note the number of keys it’ll require you have. A lock icon with one keyhole means you’ll just need a single key, but some vaults need more than that and are labeled as such on your map.

What buttons do you press to build in Fortnite?


  • Move: Bottom Left Joystick
  • Crouch: Button In Top Right
  • Jump: Button On Right
  • Picking Up Items: Run Over Them
  • Open/interact: Tap
  • Switch items / weapons: Tap on item in bottom menu
  • Aim: Use finger on right side of screen
  • Aim using sights: use aim button on right side of screen
  • Attack/fire/use item: Tap on screen, or tap button on left side of screen
  • Reload: reload button near bottom of screen
  • Backpack: tap on backpack
  • Building menu: right-most bottom button
  • Building: Tap icons to choose material/plans, tap screen to build

PC / Mac

Below is the default configuration.

  • Move Forward: W
  • Move Backward: S
  • Move Right: D
  • Move Left: A
  • Cursor Mode: Left Alt
  • Jump: Space Bar
  • Fire/Melee: Left Mouse Button
  • Target: Right Mouse Button
  • Reload/Rotate: R
  • Use/Interact: E
  • Trap Equip/Picker: T
  • Building Edit: G
  • Repair/Upgrade: F
  • Sprint: Left Shift
  • Change Building Material: Right Mouse Button
  • Reset Building Edit: Right Mouse Button
  • Weapon Slot 1: 1
  • Weapon Slot 2: 2
  • Weapon Slot 3: 3
  • Weapon Slot 4: 4
  • Ability Slot 1: Z
  • Ability Slot 2: X
  • Ability Slot 3: C
  • Gadget Slot 1: 5
  • Gadget Slot 2: 6
  • Building Slot 1: F1
  • Building Slot 2: F2
  • Building Slot 3: F3
  • Building Slot 4: F4
  • Trap Slot: F5
  • Switch Quickbar: Q
  • Slot Up: Mouse Wheel Down
  • Slot Down: Mouse Wheel Up
  • Chat: Enter
  • Quick Chat Message: B
  • Place a Note: N
  • Spot Target: Middle Mouse Button
  • Selected Building Type: V
  • Toggle Map: M
  • Toggle Inventory: I
  • Skip Cutscene: Space Bar
  • Resurrect: Left Mouse Button
  • Respawn: Right Mouse Button

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